Liquidation | F.A.Q.
  • What's it gonna cost?

    Bottom line: the sooner you but, the cheaper it is. We start with First Waves at 22,50. All the way up to door prices for 31 euro, provided we’re not sold out.

    If you want to have the ultimate bang for your buck, buy a weekender tickets for Liquidation and float. Quality entertainment on Friday and Saturday.

    All ticket prices include service fees and your wrist wallet.

  • How much is a locker?

    You’ll pay one-off 2 euro for a locker. This provides acces to your locker for the entire night. The amount can only be payed by pin.

  • Do I also have to pay for the toilet?

    No, toilets are free.

  • How do I get to De Kulk by public transport?

    Busline 126 stops at Westlandseweg, which is basically in front of the entrance. The bus rides between Schiedam Centrum and Maassluis. to get to Schiedam Centrum, take either the train, bus or subway.

  • Where can I park?

    De Kulk has plenty of parking space, right in front of the entrance. It’s even free!

    But: chances are the parking is filled to the brim. In that case you can leave your car in the adjoining block on the other side of the road. Good luck with that. Please note that parking fees apply in that area.

  • Do you have tickets at the door?

    It depends whether we sell out. If Liquidation is not sold-out, you can buy tickets at the door for 31 euro. Remember: pin only.

  • What's the minimum age?

    You have to be at least 18 years old to enter.

  • Do I have to take my ID?

    Yes, absolutely. But the law says you need to have it with you anyway, so we’re guessing this is not much of an issue. Also, because there’s a minimum age there’s a hefty chance of us asking for your id. If you can’t show it to us, you are not allowed in. And we don’t return money. Sorry, not sorry.

    And ‘id’ means either drivers license, passport or id-card. No movie passes or OV-chipcards.

  • How does it all work at the entrance?

    At the door we scan your tickets and check your id. Next, there’s a bag search and inspection. If you’re not willing to comply to this simple search, no hassle. Just means just can do a 180 and return home. After the check you’ll get to the locker counter. Here you will receive your wrist wallet, rent a locker and leave your cigarettes. More about smoking down below.

    Now there’s just the issue of getting out of those pesky clothes. Changing happens in group cabines. Put all your stuff in the locker, except for your pin card, inflatables and wrist wallet, and into the wilderness you go!

    BIG FAT TIP: put on your swimming clothes under your normal clothes. It speeds up changing a lot.

  • Oh, a poolparty. This can only go wrong!

    Nope, it doesn’t. De Kroepoekfabriek and De Kulk (our partners in crime) have experience hosting poolparties (see www.floatfestival.nl). That all went down pretty well!

  • How about booze and drugs?

    Well, drugs are not allowed. That goes for hasj, weed, poppers and other stuff as well. You can get drinks at the bar. But please, think about this: it’s 30+ degrees in the pool area with a very high humidity. Don’t just drink alcohol, drink enough water or soda. Stay hydrated, kids!

    If personnel notices you’re having problems with your balance or when you’re having a bit of a too funny look on your face, we will ask you to leave. It’s for the best.

  • What did my mother use to say in the pool?

    “DON’T RUN!”. A very simple rule which also applies to this event.

  • Doesn't the water get very dirty?

    Not really. This was one of the first things that came to mind when we thought about a poolparty. The purification gear of De Kulk is of a very high quality, there’s no need to worry about this.

  • Where can I go if I don't feel so well?

    There’s a first aid post. You’ll see it when you enter the pool. You can ALWAYS go there for help, even when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Remember: First Aid is there to help, not to judge or point fingers and sure as hell not to turn you over to the police.

  • How do I pay for anyhting?

    You can only pay by card.

  • Where do I leave my pin card?

    You’ll be supplied with a wrist wallet. You can wear this – surprise, surprise – on your wrist. The card fits into it quite neatly. The wallet is included in the entrance fee and you can keep it afterwards.

  • Doesn't my card breaks with all that water?

    After inquiring with the bank, we can say: no, your card is resistant to all that water.

  • I'm a smoker, and water and cigarettes don't go together. What now?! Greetings, a smoker.

    Well hello you smoker. Don’t stress! When you come to the locker counter, you can drop off your cigarettes. We write down your name on the packet and put the lot in a box. This box will be brought over to the bar next to the slide. If you want to go out for a smoke, pick them up there. We have a fully heated smoking lounge outside. After tickling the throat, return the ciggies. Repeat when necessary!

    You’ll have to pay 1 euro (one-off) for this service. To be payed by card of course at the locker counter when you get in.

  • Is there food?

    Hell yes! We have a wide range of snacks for you at one of the bars.

  • Can I take my own drinks?

    Well, let’s see… NO.

  • Is the water slide open as well?

    Yes, it’s open for business. Just as long as you don’t start behaving like a bunch of six year olds and jam the slide. If you’re doing this, we happily return you to the changing rooms and exit, post haste.

    Repeated jamming of the water slide means we will close it for the rest of the night.

  • How do I get home?

    Public transport is out of operation when Liquidation ends. We can set you up with ‘retourvervoer’. This ride will bring you back to either Schiedam Centrum or Rotterdam Centraal. Just buy the ticket, we take care of the rest!

  • Blimey, but I don't want go home!

    You have some options my friend:

    With discount code ‘float’ you can book a room with breakfast included at the Ibis Hotel. A single room costs 55 euro, a double room 65 euro. This goes for two night: 25 (after Liquidation) and 26 October (after float.) Check Ibis’ website.

  • How do I know where I was last night? Do you guys make pictures?

    Yes we do. We also make an aftermovie. This is gonna be the most magical night in Liquidations existence after all! All the vids and pictures will be posted on Facebook and/or Instagram.

    Not so happy about your picture? We care about your privacy (no we don’t, but hey, it’s the law! 😉 and on request we can remove the picture. But please, don’t pose for our photographer if you don’t want your picture on the internet.